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Spätestens am Tablet oder Phone enden die Möglichkeiten klassischer Remotemanagement Lösungen. Doch hier beginnen erst die wahren Stärken von Pulseway. Hosted by NESTEC in Ö! - oder wahlfrei bei Ihnen oder in Ihrem RM.
Things that will keep us busy in 2018
Patch Management

We will be rolling out OS Patch Management this January, and 3rd party Patch Management by the end of March 2018. Allowing you to schedule updates across your endpoints from a centralised location.

With Pulseway Backup - you'll have the power to backup anything and everything, on demand or scheduled, and all centrally from the Pulseway Web App. This is scheduled for release in Q2 2018.
Other Developments

We are planning on introducing a vast array of features and improvements including: Improved Agent Policies, Anti-Malware, Multi-Factor Authentication, Improved Remote Desktop, Zapier Integration and more.

Kurzübersicht Pulseway RMM

Veröffentlichungsdatum: 19.01.2018 13:44:20

  • pulseAgent
    Pulseway Monitoring Agent
    Monitoring & Remoteservices

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  • pulseKASP
    Pulseway Managed Antivirus Agent
    powered by Kaspersky

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  • pulseWebAV
    Pulseway Webroot AV
    pro Endpunkt/ pro DNS

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